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Learning Strategy

Inadequate product knowledge, communication gaps, cultural issues, unavailability, and one-size fits all approach are some obstacles in realizing the potential of sales teams.

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Web Based Training

Learner engagement, knowledge transfer, retention, and performance improvement are some challenges of web based training.

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Instructor Lead Training

Instructor lead training either delivered on-site in a regular classroom or through an online live session in a virtual classroom (vILT) possesses

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Video & Mobile Based Learning

Information at the point of need, refresher training, training communication, and change management communication

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality present educational and training opportunities that are not possible with traditional instruction methods.

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Post Training Support

The assumption that performance is a natural outcome of training is a challenge that is tackled through post training support.

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Content Repurposing

Outdated, boring, and scattered content, traditional modalities, mobile incompatibility, and the overall design are some challenges

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