Ensuring ROI Of Your Training Investment

Why investing in Blended Learning is a must for organizations With its broad approach to human talent development, Blended Learning (BL) offers unique opportunities to train the global workforce. In a mobile, multicultural, and interconnected business environment, BL has answers to three increasingly relevant questions: • How to create personalized training and resource materials to address both new and ever-evolving business roles? • How should training adapt to reflect the growing cultural diversity in the global workforce? • How to attract, motivate, and engage employees for training in fast-paced work environments? Audience Executive and HR teams of corporate and business organizations Coverage The thought piece will try to address: 1. disposition as an engaging learning method that uses digital and traditional resources and can blend technical and non-technical aspects 2. Noticeable growth of BL in the past five years helped along by learning efficacy, higher internet penetration, and cheaper internet data 3. Rise in demand of BL driven by growing requirement of technology-enabled tools facilitating employee engagement, motivation, and collaboration 4. Requirement for BL as organizations go global with consequent need to upgrade the skills of the human talent pool 5. BL enabling better integration of cross-border workforce via learning platforms that facilitate higher workforce engagement, agility, and scalability 6. Emerging attractiveness of innovative learning applications (mobile, cloud, AR, and VR) over traditional technology models 7. BL’s promising future despite challenges, both human (adaptation and engagement)and technological (access and bandwidth)